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How is courier van insurance policy useful?


Van Insurance

Van Insurance

Vans are mostly being used by businesses rather than in houses. As the facilities of transportation and courier companies have increased, people are relying on the companies for their work to be done. Another reason for vans not used for personal use has got reduced is, once you have a van you have to have an insurance cover for it. It does not matter if you use it or not, as long as it does not have a SORN certificate for it you should have an insurance cover for it. so paying for the cover every year seems to be a costly option.

Courier companies have made all our work simpler by transporting goods for us. Courier services obviously have their own vans using which they transport our goods swiftly. The vans of courier companies also come under commercial use but there are certain things that differ from the general commercial use. So getting commercial van insurance wouldn’t be appropriate. This is why courier van insurance is offered.

Courier van insurance is specifically designed for the vans that are used by courier companies. Courier vans may be small, medium or large. But most of the time it is small and medium vans that are preferred by the courier companies as it is easy to drive and the courier van insurance cost would also be lesser.

There are three main policies that you can choose from, to cover your risks. Comprehensive, third party fire and theft, third party only

Third party only will cover the third party’s vehicle, his injuries and any damage to his belongings due to collision with the insured’s vehicle. Click here to compare courier van insurance quotes

Third party fire and theft will cover insured and third party for any damages due to fire and theft.

Comprehensive policy, as the name suggests will cover all the risks that the insured faces.

Premium will be determined based on

  • The van that you own, van size, model and engine.
  • The drivers that you are going to name
  • The kind of goods that you transport and if any explosives or hazardous materials are also transported
  • The number of places that you will be stopping by every day
  • Your claims history
  • Security measures that you have taken in the van
  • No claims bonus

To know more about the kind of policies offered and how you can choose the best one for you, visit www.insurancevan.co.uk. Read the policy document that the company has to offer you before getting your insurance done.